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The manufacturing industry relies heavily on 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files created by design and engineering teams. Some manufacturers handle the entire process internally (a company handling both design and production) or across different companies. In the latter scenario, there is always a probability that different workflows come into play between the client (designer) and the supplier (manufacturer).

Generally, using different CAD software is a big challenge in manufacturing. Making these design-to-manufacturing processes to work can be intimidating, especially when one party’s CAD suite fails to correctly read the 3D CAD files provided by the other party.

Although design firms have every right to guard their intellectual property (IP) by not disclosing certain metadata, withholding too much data for one’s manufacturing supplies poses problems in terms of slower time to market and higher costs.

Why Making 3D Data Interoperable Can Help

Some manufacturers are well-equipped to closely analyze parts and provide recommendations to the original designer for adjustments. However, if the manufacturer is using a different CAD suite from the designer, they will have no means to display any recommendations. As a result, valuable data for improving the quality of the original design could be lost in the translation between the manufacturer and the ...

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